Monday, January 14, 2013

Enjoy it while it lasts

With toddler-hood, there comes a challenge. Well, LOTS of challenges, to be fair. One really big challenge, one that can end up driving parents absolutely batty and leave them waving a white flag of submission is potty training.

Every kid is different. 

Some train themselves.

Some stubbornly refused to be trained, at all. Ever. These kids are perfectly content shitting themselves on the regular and have no qualms whatsoever about rocking pee-pants. 

This was Paxton.

I was sure I was going to send him to pre-school this fall in a Huggie. He got his potty chair for his second birthday and showed no interest in using it as a potty. Sure, he'd sit on it but pee in it?? Oh no. I tried treats, which worked for Phoenix, bribing him to pee for candy and poop for even MORE candy. No luck. He loves candy but he refuses to poop for it. I tried switching to "training pants" with pictures that fade or 'cooling sensations'. Nothing. Just, nothing. 

"No more diapers!" I declared. Except at nap times and bed, of course. Some progress was made and we started peeing in the potty chair. No poops but most of the days' pees were going in the potty. Cue the praise and the high-fives and treats and songs and parades and there we stayed. For weeks.



It got tiresome and he got wise to the nap time/bed time diaper rule. He would refuse to take off his diaper in the mornings or after naps. Or if he was tired of being nekked, he'd sneak into the pantry and grab a diaper then hide under the table to  put it on. Then he'd poop in it and walk around like NOTHING HAPPENED. 'No, Mom. No poop.' he'd say, waving a hand at me.

Really, kid?? Because I know I don't smell like that and I certainly don't remember putting a diaper on you...

After about a week of that, we were out of diapers and this time, we were done. DONE. No more diapers. No nap time diapers, no diapers at night (oh boy). NO MORE DIAPERS. No more options. It's the potty or nothing. I'm fully aware of the risk I'm taking and I am totally calling his bluff. HE CAN DO THIS. 

I know he can.

He knows he can.

I know he know he can.

And guess what??


He not only mastered peeing in the Big Toilet, standing up, he also pooped in his potty, all by himself, for the first time ever. He was so proud of himself and we are so excited to be diaper-free, for the time being.

He goes pee before nap time and can get through them dry but night time is another story. He hasn't managed to get through a single night without an accident and I've stared checking on him when I'm up at 2 or 3, so he doesn't spend the night cold & wet. He's usually dry so I think it might be an early morning pee, like when he's waking up. Whenever it is, I'm hoping it's a hurdle we can get passed soon.

For the next eight months, we are a diaper-free home. It's been seven years. 

Seven long years. 

I know it's not going to last long & once again, diapers will be a critical necessity in this house but right now, I'm going to revel in the awesomeness of being a diaper-free home. HOORAY!! 


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