31 Days

This time last year, I did a photo series for my 27th birthday called The Golden Years. I loved it; I had fun doing it and it was a good time to reflect on my life and the people & things in it I love. I loved it so much, I had every intention of doing another one (or maybe 20), until I tried to take I attempted to take the camera away from Paxton, one day at the old house. He apparently had the train of thought "If I can't have it, no one can!!" and with his super-baby strength, full-force slammed it onto the kitchen floor. The show was over. Camera was done for and it's been six or eight months with no camera, except Jay's phone.

I've spent those months scouring Craig's List for a camera, to no avail. Not for a lack of cameras on CL; I just couldn't find the "right one". Too expensive; not enough MP; broken screen; dead battery. Whatever. It just wasn't meant to be. Until this weekend. Jay was cruising CL before we headed out on an adventure & VIOLA! He found a Fujifilm JX310 for $70 at a pawn shop around the corner. With the plethora of tools we have stashed around the house, we figured we could work out a deal for the camera so we walked in with Jay's drill press. They took the press, and $20, and we walked out with a camera! Not sure if I'm happier about having a camera again or not having a drill press...

So now that I have the critical piece of equipment, I'm going to start a new photo adventure. This one's going to be a series self-portraits based on this month's list from my Monthly Photo A Day Challenge group on Facebook. I thought it would be easier, and possibly better, to use a list then to just wing it, like last time. It's challenge enough coming up with something when I have criteria to meet; creating the list on top of the pictures is just asking to be overwhelmed...

Here's the list:

Since these aren't exactly intended to be used as a self-portrait project, it'll be interesting to see how exactly I manage to get myself into some of these shots. I'm looking forward to it. I hope you are too!

-- 4/24/2012 -- I completed the list but wasn't able to make as many "self-portraits" as I'd wanted. Maybe if I had more time to be creative & artsy, they would have been better. As it was, I barely even completed this list, AT ALL. I'm glad I did it though; it's helped me get back to blogging & I did enjoy it, for the most part.


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