Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hey, there's a bandwagon! I'm jumping on...

You may have seen or heard about this little thing going on right now over at Circle of Moms, the Top 25?? It's one of those vote for your favorite blog things and well, I just had to jump in the mix. You can find MMD's profile here.

Circle of Moms Top 25 Funny Moms - 2013 - Vote for me!

There are a LOT of great blogs in the running too and I know it's a long shot but every chance to get seen is just that: a chance to get seen. It's not even really about "getting seen" as much as attempting to make connections. 

I do this whole blog thing for a few reason, the first of which is my own personal sanity. The second, is to share my stories in the hopes that they can help someone who's in a similar spot or recently vacated said similar spot and I find the hardest posts for me to write are often the ones that people can identify with the most. Like the food stamps post

It's also a challenge for myself, to enter into something like this. I'm going outside of my comfort zone and putting myself out there with some of the blogs and bloggers I admire most.

 I am telling myself I am good enough. 

I might not write as often as I want to but I like to think that my posts are all pretty meaningful and well put together. I try not to rant and rave; I try to stick to a point and take you through a timeline or story. I write from the heart, with feeling and genuine emotion. I bare my soul, faults, flaws and weaknesses in these posts and I try to share the pearls of wisdom I've found along my way, however few they may be. 

If you enjoy what I've shared with you here, go vote for me. There are a LOT of other really good blogs in the running that deserve votes too. I had to vote for my favorites, even if it does put me at an even bigger disadvantage. Go check it out and vote for your favorites and even if you don't vote for me, it's cool; I'll still be doing this whole blog thing, regardless.

-- xoxo


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