This is me. A little nutty. A little left of center. An old soul with an open mind.

I have two beautiful boys, four years apart, and I love being a mom more than anything. It hasn't been the easiest role to take on but it's worth all the effort. My days consist of chores, chauffeuring children to & fro, chores, play dates, field trips, chores, diaper-changes, errands, and more chores (the key is to always be cleaning!). It's not a glamorous life but I enjoy it.  

None of it would be possible without Mr. Clean. I don't know what to call him besides my "Other Half". We're not married, not engaged but "boyfriend" just screams "Who's your baby daddy?!" if you ask me...(P.S. It's HIM!) He recently took on his own residential cleaning business and he is the reason I'm able to stay at home. I love him for that, and a few other reasons too.

When I'm not wiping faces, doing dishes or scrubbing a stain out of our carpet, I love to knit. It's bordering on obsession, really. I feel a sense of panic if I don't have a project going and I need to devote all my attention to that project till it's done. This has resulted in a lot of hats, mitts and a few pairs of socks; I even managed a sweater and a shrug. My other true passion is reading. I don't do nearly as much as I used to but it's always been a love of mine. I can breeze through a good fantasy novel in days (Robert Jordan, David Eddings, Anne McCaffrey...). 

I hope I'll be able to open a yarn/book store one day, if only to support my addiction to fiber and books. I think they work well together though; especially with coffee!


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