The Golden Years

Defined by as 'The birthday when you turn the same age as your birthdate.', my "golden birthday" is coming up in March. It feels like this is one of those 'more-important-than-other-birthdays' birthdays; I'm turning 27 (on the 27th), which officially puts me in my mid-twenties (it's not a bad thing, just a 'landmark'); it's my first birthday in a new state, away from my friends and lastly, I feel I've grown immensely in the last year. 

I've made revelations about myself, bonded deeply with my family and even made some new parent-friends here in California. I've had the chance to look back at what's gotten me to this point in my life and I can say with all honesty, there's not much I regret and nothing I would change. All the experiences, memories, traumas and joys have made me who I am today and I'm satisfied that I'm a good person, worthy of friendship, full of humor and love, sensitive to the plights of others and willing to fight for those I love the what I believe in.

Starting on March 1st, I'll start a 27-day post to commemorate this chance to reflect; I'll post a few pictures a day that have special meaning to me or tells an important story about my life. I'll try to do it in some sort of timeline but I can't guarantee anything more than a chance to share some memories that helped mold me into the person I am today.

Day 1   -- Pictures from Dad's wallet
Day 2 -- Pictures of some of my first friends; Campfire Girls.
Day 3 -- Ultrasounds and Birth Day pictures
Day 4 -- Early Years
Day 5 -- Growing Up
Day 6 & 7 -- Confessions
Day 8 -- Happy Birthday, Ange
Day 9 -- Just call me "Mom"
Day 10 -- Time in Portland
Day 11 -- Life through His eyes
Day 12 -- You'd be 54 today...
Day 13 -- I Miss You - My Girls
Day 14 -- If I weren't a mom...
Day 15 -- Pet Peeves
Day 16 -- Places I'd like to see
Day 17 -- Wish List
Day 18 -- Fears & Phobias
Day 19 -- Books I Love
Day 20 -- Dylan turns NINE
Day 21 -- Spring is Here!
Day 22 -- Change is in the Air
Day 23 -- The Sickness
Day 24 -- Mp3 Shuffle
Day 25 -- Adventure Time
Day 26 -- It's all about FAMILY
Day 27 -- Letter from Dad


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