Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Greatest Gift

As Christmas draws closer and we all scramble to find those last-minute presents, I want all of you to stop & think.

Remember that the greatest gifts we can give are NOT bought in the stores.

You can't order them online.

They don't require wrapping paper and they won't cost you a penny.

These gifts will be more appreciated. They have the potential to change lives and bring happiness you never realized was possible and they are within your power to give, to anyone and everyone you encounter.





Just a few of the priceless gifts we take for granted. We focus so much on the monetary value of our gifts, we forget that these simple things can have a greater impact than anything you can buy in a store. These are gifts that benefit everyone; the giver and the receiver. These gifts can be given to anyone; the clerk at the movie store, the cashier at Safeway, the teller at the bank, your mom, your friends, the bum on the corner.

These gifts will not go unused. They will not be opened up on Christmas morning and tossed aside. They will be enjoyed, cherished and they have the potential to be life-changing. They are in your power to give, as often as you choose, to whomever you choose.

These gifts are more valuable.

They have more meaning.

They are long-lasting and they have a tendency to multiple; the ripple effect, if you will.

One simple act could set in motion a chain of events beyond belief, sending ripples of awesomeness and greatness farther than you could imagine. My challenge, yes, CHALLENGE, to all of you this Christmas is to give ONE GIFT of kindness; ONE GIFT of friendship; ONE GIFT of compassion; ONE GIFT of love. See how far your ripples go. Enjoy the moment. Spread the kindness, the friendship, the compassion, the love. Spread them thick and wide.

Make this Christmas one that is full of these gifts and you will make this Christmas extra-special and full of unforgettable memories. I have been given these gifts myself and I can guarantee they have made an immeasurable difference. I don't care what I get for Christmas, this year or any other year, because I know I have the greatest gifts ever in my friends, my family.

I am well and truly blessed.


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