Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Booty

Christmas is over and I have survived. Jay and I rushed around on Christmas Eve day and got all of our shopping done. I managed to pull off his present before we left for dinner at his grandma's and I even filled his stocking, on Christmas morning. Thank you, CVS, for being open. We manage to lure the kids into our room Christmas morning & Jay kept them corralled there while I ran for Starbucks (and his stocking stuffers). Two grande Pikes in venti cups the double shots in each. We needed it.

I got home, stuffed Jay's stocking and gave the release signal. Like a herd of wildebeest, they trampled downstairs and dove under the tree. Well, Phoenix went under the tree for presents, Paxton just wanted candy. We got everyone sitting and handed out stockings. Paxton was happy with his Ring Pops and Smarties; Phoenix wanted the big stuff.

Watching them open presents has got to be the funnest thing about Christmas. Their little eyes lighting up, the excitement and joy when they open something they really wanted. It seems to fade pretty quickly though, when the presents run out or if one of them gets something the other one wanted. Then there's a mess of wrapping paper and boxes to clean up and a million toys to put away in an already-packed room.

Jay got a headset for Xbox Live and a new charge & play kit since we go through batteries in ridiculous quantities; he put them to use right away and has repeatedly told me 'Thank you', with hugs and kisses and all. He didn't think it would be that cool but he said the same thing about Live and honestly, Live and this headset are two of the BEST presents I have ever gotten him. He didn't know how much he would like or use either until he had them!

I'd be lying if I didn't admit to making out with an insane haul myself. I got the new phone I was asking for, some towels from the mother-in-law, (including one for the new baby!) and between my brother in Portland and my sister-in-law here in town, I probably have TEN POUNDS of yarn. NO JOKE. My brother, Galen, sent down some vintage Mary Maxim, some funky fun fur, a brick of yarn that could probably make a sweater or a couple shawls at least and a bunch of other stuff. My sister-in-law gave me four huge skeins of Red Heart and a skein of Lion brand Homespun that looks like boucle. Jay picked it up immediately and fiddled with it for a bit, which totally threw me for a loop. Yes, he's asked me to knit hats to give out but he's never really been interested in anything for himself. Slowly but surely, I am winning him over. Maybe I'll even knit him a hat out of it, if I can find the right pattern.

I've already dug into this new-found stash and I'm working on stuff to ship out that should have gone out before the holiday. If you're expecting something, forgive me; December is hard on me and these little fingers. I still haven't learned that holiday knitting should start right after Christmas and go ALL YEAR LONG.

The boys have cracked into their booty too; Phoenix has built ALL of his LEGOS, with some help, and Paxton has actually played with his some of his toys, since all the Christmas candy 'mysteriously' disappeared. Of course, his favorites are his Thomas the Train set, which is loud and damned annoying and makes Mommy want to go all Godzilla and start stomping and crushing and destroying and his Ninja Turtle skateboard, which is also loud and annoying but not as bad as Thomas.

We also seemed to catch Christmas colds and are nursing coughs and itchy throats. Both boys were hacking through the night and I woke up to that tell-tale burning, scratching, raw throat. Better to catch them now, after the holidays and with plenty of time off from school, than to have them during the holidays or right before school starts back up. I'm looking forward to this little 'vacation' and hoping you guys had a great Christmas.

Have fun during Winter break. Be safe. Stay warm.



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