Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday Mornings

It's six AM. The sun isn't shining. The birds are not chirping. EVERYONE should be sleeping but I am not.

Someone has other plans.

TWO someones.

Two very awake, very energetic, someones. One of them is already dressed. GREAT. Happy Saturday to me.

I'm not sure when kids go from waking up at pre-dawn, all full of spunk and happiness, to sleeping til noon every chance they get, but I'm really looking forward to it. Don't get me wrong. These guys are fun to be around but they're even more fun to be around when you've had a full nights' sleep. And a pot of coffee. Or two.

I can handle getting up at 7 AM all week (Saturdays and Sundays included), no problem. What bugs me is getting up an HOUR earlier than I would normally, when I don't absolutely have to. There are only two days a week I get the chance to sleep in so I relish every extra minute of sleep I get.

Not today. No chance. None. Nada. No way. NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

Instead, I put the kettle on, ground some beans and cleaned out the press. Phoenix picked out a movie and both of them curled up on the couch with blankies and pillows while I finished making coffee. I sat down with my cup o' joe and try to enjoy being up an hour early on a Saturday because sometimes, you just have to take the little bits of peace that you can get and BE HAPPY WITH THEM.

Hope your Saturday morning was filled with hours of blissful, kid-free sleep.


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