Thursday, September 20, 2012


This one is going to be short. And bitter. Nothing sweet to report here.

I did not make the cut for Blogger Idol.

I did not get a spot among the Top 13.

You all know I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed.


Not in myself though. I did it. I put myself out there to be judged and deemed "worthy". I can't complain when I don't live up to someone else's standards. I do me and I do it well. I'm not going to stop for anything or anyone.

And I'm definitely not disappointed in my friends & fans who have supported me RELIGIOUSLY since the very beginning. YOU GUYS FUCKING ROCK. I love you for so many different reasons. You helped me believe in myself and the encouragement you offered was beyond anything I ever expected.

I'm just disappointed the judges couldn't see what you guys see, couldn't see what I see -- a good blog. I pour my heart and soul into this blog. I share my stories of life, my struggles and triumphs. I share my entire world here. I do all this because it makes me feel better. It lets me work through emotions I might not be able to fully process otherwise. It gives me a chance to think and reflect.

I'm not pumping out product reviews.

I'm not ambushing you with ads for shit you don't want (well, not really).

I don't have giveaways to lure people in & make them follow me.

I just blog about my life and the shit that's happening in it, and I like to think I'm a pretty good fucking writer. For an amateur, anyways. I'm at least able to connect with other people through my writing and that to me says THIS, RIGHT HERE, is worth reading.

And YES, Blogger Idol was exciting and it did give me a TON of new fans and a few new followers here too, and it was really more about putting myself out there than about getting a spot in the Top 13.

I took a risk.

I took a chance on MYSELF. I didn't "lose" anything; I've only gained from this experience. It's given me confidence in myself and in my writing and if you ask me, that means I won.

So I'll take what I got from this and be happy. Even though a Samsung tablet would have been totally tits.


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