Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I don't blog to make friends, it just sort of happens

I've done posts about what this blog means to me before. I've explained that this isn't something I do for anyone other than myself. This blog is a chance for me to vocalize everything that's going on in my brain and it gives me an opportunity to share my experiences with the world.

I don't choose topics I think will get me readers. I don't blog to impress people. I'm don't think this will get me fame or fortunes or make me an internet sensation. I don't really want to be a "mommy blogger".

I'm just a mom who blogs.

Given all this, I will admit that one of the biggest surprises and the greatest rewards in doing this has been the friendships I've made. One in particular, Kelly over at DeBie Hive, has been a true gift.

When I found her blog, I was shocked to see so many similarities in our writings and experiences. She had just lost her dad to cancer and I felt for her. I left her a comment and it sparked a relationship that has helped me in ways I could never have imagined. She motivates me to keep on writing, regardless of the topic, and to write from my heart. I'm impressed with how open and willing to share Kelly is and I find it inspiring. I find strength in her words; they give me the ability to say, "Yes. I can do this. I can be open & honest. I don't need to censor my words here. THIS IS MY SPACE." 

I started my Facebook page in large part because of Kelly, even if she doesn't know it. I look forward to her blogs with much anticipation and I am always, ALWAYS thrilled to get feedback from her on my posts. She is genuine, warm, friendly and HONEST. With not a lot of people to turn to for advice or just an ear to listen to my woes, I am supremely grateful that she has decided I am worthy of her attentions. A quick conversation with her on Facebook yesterday, changed my entire day & helped me work through issues that have been plaguing me for a long while now.

We may be absolute strangers in the eyes of most people but I have a feeling that if I were to announce a trip to Colorado tomorrow, I'd have an invite to meet her for coffee. And, Kelly, if you ever make a trip out to Sacramento, I'll be expecting to hear about it. You have helped me find confidence in my writings, helped me give voice to the thoughts I dared not speak before and shown me the power of uncensoring myself.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to be your friend. You really are awesome <3


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