Saturday, May 26, 2012

Little hands & tiny fingers

Even though I'm home with the boys every day, I'm often at a loss for ways to keep them busy that actually stimulate their brains. I admit I rely heavily on television & video games to keep me sane. I want to change that. I have NO excuse for not being more "hand-on"-- literally. I'm crafty. I can knit. I can sew. I can do all sorts of things.

Why don't I? Well because I can be pretty lazy & sometimes, those brain-stimulating activities can be anxiety-inducing as well. Have you ever tried to do any sort of crafting project with a six year old? A two year old? Things rarely go smoothly & instead of a quiet, fun-filled afternoon of memory-making you can easily (and very quickly) end up with a huge mess & two unhappy, uninterested children. Not to mention a mom who could probably use a stiff drink.

This weekend, things will be different. I will remember my promise to live in The Now. Monday is Memorial Day and that means NO SCHOOL which gives me plenty of time to fill. I started a Pinterest account & created a board, 'Kid Projects'. Maybe this will help me find things to do with them, even if it won't actually make me do them. At least it's a start; a small step in the right direction.

I have a couple things on the list already: home-made finger paints and fairy dust jars. Since I need glow sticks & some jars for the fairy dust, I tried the finger paint this morning. It's pretty easy to make, you just need to keep on stirring and don't let it get too thick or lumpy. I got it right on the second try & I used an ice cube tray instead of baby food jars; it worked great. We'll have oddly colored fingers for the next few days but it was fun. Phoenix helped me make the paint and add the food coloring.

This time, I had fun; I stayed 'present' and focused on keeping calm & being happy instead of expecting everything to go perfectly. While I still wouldn't say 'No' to a glass (or bottle) of wine, I don't feel like it's necessary to maintain my sanity. In fact, I'm already making plans for tomorrow. Maybe we'll try doing a "neighborhood" scavenger hunt or take a trip to the Dollar Tree for glow sticks & jelly jars; either way, I'm going to seize the day & make it a good one.

Happy Memorial weekend, everyone! Be safe, have fun & make some memories 

Two brothers, painting the day away!
"Didya know I'm a good painter? Yeah, like my Uncle Joel." ♥

Little hands & tiny fingers make the most perfect paintbrushes


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