Monday, April 18, 2011

Happiness on a Monday

I have two reasons to celebrate this Monday.

1: I got the Oregon Emergency Benefits! This means I get a few more weeks of unemployment; it's been a struggle since they were cut off in January. Between financing the business and keeping the household in line, we were sinking -- slowly but surely. Now we can breath a little easier and do some catching up. 

2: I got a wonderful box of goodies from my swap partner! She made a huge, lovely bowl and threw in some Lindor chocolates, a little pink birdy, some wicker balls and potpourri. I even got a recipe and a handwritten note <3

 I've already busted into the's got caramel in the middle!

This makes me super excited for the next swap coming up in June; this one is a "long term swap" so it's suppose to be more extravagant. It's spa-themed swap so we're encouraged to knit a spa set which will be so much fun! I have a wash mitt halfway finished already and have plans for a magically shrinking soap sack and a felted loofah. 

All of this is on top of three other projects! I've never had this many projects going at once; I almost think I'm asking too much of myself and my knitting skills...


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