Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Scrubby Mitt

I've have been on a knitting blitz lately...

I usually don't have multiple WIPs (WIP = Work In Progress); I'd rather knit something all the way through before starting a new one but recently I've been borderline overwhelmed with projects. I have two birthday presents to finish, a "care" package to assemble and I just finished two hats and a spa set for a swap I'm in.


If I'm not cleaning, toting a baby around or herding chickens, I'm probably knitting! I can most often find a pattern to suit my needs but with the spa set I made, I couldn't find a mitt pattern I liked. So I made one up!

Very basic. Very easy to knit. I used seed/moss stitch for the main portion of the hand with the idea that the extra texture would be better for scrubbing. I also used a worsted wool through a portion for even more roughness. The thumb's a little wonky because I've never done a thumb before LOL but I learned a lot and it works.

Here's the whole set -- 

All I need now is a thing of bubble bath and a soap sweater and I'm ready to ship!


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