Monday, April 18, 2011

Say "Hello" to my little friends

Watch out!!

There's some new chicks in town and they're cute, cute, cute!! 

We finally picked up the chicks from Phoenix's school on Friday night and ended up with three Orpingtons & a Barred Rock to add to the Rhode Islands. I'm not sure but I think we may have gotten a few roosters; two of the new chicks are pretty "aggressive".

The Barred Rock is Blackistan (Jay obviously named this one), then we have Sonny, Green Legs & Ham and The One Who Shall Remain Nameless. 

Paxton is in love with them and follows them everywhere; we working on the concept of "gentle" right now. 

I've decided Breakfast is a rooster too; his comb is turning red and starting to flop over...Plus, he pecks the new guys if they come near him or Ruby. Needless to say, we keep them separate.

Green Legs and The Nameless One should be going to their forever home soon, leaving us with four chickens (which is plenty in my opinion.) They won't start laying till 18-20 weeks old so I think it'll be July or August before we get any eggs but they're a ton of fun to have around. 

Breakfast (right) & Ruby (left) look like full-grown chickens now and have starting flocking to the coop door whenever they see us outside, assuming we're letting them out to roam. 
They've gotten big enough that I don't worry as much about them getting eaten by the cats in the neighborhood; our cat Knowledge, seems to have gotten the idea that these flapping, feathered things are not food. but I've caught the same black cat that used to steal Knowledge's food, eyeballing the coop with her tail a-twitching. Thankfully, she spooks easily and I rarely even have to open the door to scare her off.

Now if only we had enough space for a goat or two... 


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