Monday, March 14, 2011

I dig chicks...

Introducing...our baby chicks!

We've wanted to get chickens for a couple years and finally just went for it. They're great for bug control, and there seems to be a plethora of those around here, and how can you not love the idea of fresh eggs every day?  We only got two because Phoenix's Montessori class has eggs incubating right now and his teacher has already asked us to 'claim' some of the chicks.

These little guys are a few days old, maybe a week; they're Rhode Island Reds (maybe a White) and we're hoping they're both hens (pullets). They are so adorable!! They like to be held and petted, for the most part and they seem to stick close to each other.  Jay decided to name his Breakfast and I think I'm going with Ruby; it seems fitting.

Ruby has the black specks by her eyes and a black 'mohawk' and Breakfast  has white-ish feathers on the shoulders. so it's pretty easy to tell them apart.  We put a 'roost' in the brooder last night but I think we might need to modify it; they don't seem to roost on it much. So far, they aren't sticky; we clean the pine shavings out every day and give them fresh food and water (they literally poop everywhere -- even in their food & water!)

We've got a few weeks to think about what kind of coop we want to build and where to put it but the idea of collecting fresh eggs every day is worth the wait and the effort.

Chickens are so awesome!!


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