Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 13 -- Golden Years Challenge

Weekend posts are the hardest for me. It seems like I just can't find the time to sit down and write; or when I do, there's someone else already on the computer. That being said, here's Sunday's post...

My circle of friends is small but to me, every one of them is gold. I love my group of BFFs like sisters and I miss them so much. Life's been busy here in California and I haven't been very good about keeping connected so I wanted to use this post to say hi, I miss you and I've been thinking about you. 

 Michelle, you were always down to keep me company at my numerous garage sales and even taught me to knit when one garage sale was particularly boring <3 You've always made me feel loved and cared for; you've even put up with my kid. I miss you so much! 

Kristine, you're so much fun to be around. Roller derby, zoo trips, park-hopping with Phoenix and Enzo...We've had issues but we've gotten over than and grown because of them. You always seem to call when I need to hear a familiar voice and you always know what to say. I'm so thankful for that <3 

Oh Miss Ester...I am so lucky to have met you and to call you a friend. My other crafting guru, you've shown me so much; you taught me how to sew! In the short time we've been friends, we've grown very close. I feel like you understand me on a million different levels and you've had some of the most logical advice. I can always come to you and know you're not going to sugar-coat things, you'll tell me what you truly think. You make it easy to feel like we've been friends forever.

Last but hardly least...Angela. I just dedicated a whole post to you on your birthday but I couldn't leave you out of this one. I feel so old when I think about how long we've been friends. I remember the first time I met you, playing softball at Jason Lee; it's crazy to think about how different my life would be without you in it. You have been so much more than a friend to me and I want you to know I appreciate your friendship and cherish our memories together. You are my sister in many, many ways and I miss you terribly.

There are more of you that I miss and just don't have pictures of :( Katie DeFord!! I miss your snarkiness and I know your BFF misses you too. I'm so happy for you and all that's going well for you in your life. I hope things continue to be awesome =) Jennifer, man do I miss our trips to the parks and having someone to trade sitting services with. You are an awesome, awesome mother and I wish I still had you for a neighbor. If you ever need anything, I'm a phone call or email away; it's not the same as within walking distance but I hope it's something.

You women mean so much to me and I miss you all fiercely. I don't say it often enough but thank you for being someone I can call my friend. Life would be much more miserable without you in it <3


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