Saturday, March 19, 2011

Horseshoe Cowl

I realized recently I wear the mobeius cowl I knit up a while back all the time. I mean, every single day. Which is really funny considering the fact that when I bound off, I did so very, very tightly, making it nearly impossible to fit over my head.

Somehow, I manage. 

Then I decided I should probably just make more cowls; I mean, isn't that what a good knitter would do? I jumped on Ravelry and searched. And searched. It's not that there aren't a million patterns out there, there are,; it's finding less than five to choose from. Sometimes, my problems is having too many options; my brain goes into overload.

I finally decided on this one.

It's a lace pattern done in fingering  weight which gives me a chance to bust through all the left-over sock yarn I have. It's done on size 5 needles so it won't be too tedious and it's knit in the round so there's no sewing or seaming. The stitch pattern looks great with a lightly variegated yarn and isn't an overly complicated lace pattern; great for beginners or new-to-lace knitters.

Here's what I have so far:

That's three rounds of purl and the start of one pattern repeat. After that, I'm switching to a different color for six more pattern repeats and back to this purple for the last repeat and the three rounds on purl to finish. I think it should turn out pretty awesome and looking at all my old, hand0dyed yarn has me itching to dye again.


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