Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 19 -- Golden Years Challenge

Day 19 --

Before I found knitting, I was an avid reader. I still love to read but I find I don't do it nearly as mush; I usually find a pair of needles in my hands instead of a book. When I do read, I love epic fantasies. These are not to be confused with romances. 


Fantasy is like sci-fi (science fiction) without all the techie shit. It's more about magic, dragons, witches and warlocks...Wow. That sounds as bad as techie shit...Oh well. I love it. It takes me to a whole new world (isn't that the point?) and I can really get into my books. If I'm particularly tied to a book or more likely, a series, I can find any excuse to read my book or talk about it to people who could care less. The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan is so intensely detailed, I feel like I personally know the characters. Or it could be the fact its taken me ten years to read (and I'm still not done).

Here are my favorites, all of which are series' (usually really, really long ones):

This is the first of 13 (so far) and starts the Wheel of Time series. 

This is an epic fantasy series and I can't even attempt to summarize it here. The ultimate battle of good and evil with a kid from the country as our unlikely hero. But can he and his friends really save the world? Or will he go crazy and destroy it himself?

This is absolutely one of the best authors and best series in the history of fantasy writing. 

Generations from now, space explorers from Earth are looking for new, habitable planets when they come across one they name P.E.R.N. They soon find that this seemingly perfect planet, untouched by the pollution of man or technology, is a very dangerous place to live when a passing star drops "threads" on them; threads that eat through everything they touch. The settlers' only hope for survival lies in a small, fire-breathing lizard that can scorch the "threads" before the touch down but how??

The Belgariad and the Malloreon are two more great series, these two being from David Eddings. In this series, a small orphan boy is adopted by his aunt and grandfather as they try to fulfill an ancient prophecy. Along the way, he finds his true identity and helps save the world

The Dreamers --

This is a series David Eddings wrote with his wife, Leigh. I love it because the main characters are mostly children.

Four Elder gods must protect their world from the Vlagh, an ever-evolving creature with millions of insect-like minions. The Elder gods can't use their powers to kill but The Dreamers, infant forms of the Younger gods, can use their powers in dreams to cause mass devastation to the Vlagh's hordes with natural disasters.


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