Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 20 -- Golden Years Challenge

Day 20 -- 

Today was our nephew's ninth birthday! It's so crazy to think about how fast kids grow up; he was only three when Jay and I met and four when I met him for the first time.

Now he's a "tween" LOL

He's really, really, really into Legos so we got him a few Lego City sets; a helicopter, fire truck and some smaller vehicles. He could build them in his sleep but I figured these could just be filler for his collection.

He's also really, really, really, into the San Francisco Giants, which inspired a Giants/baseball-themed party (well done, Mike & Darla!). The house was full of black and orange streamers, Giants decor and even a Giants cake, complete with baseball bat candles.

Phoenix realized Grandma has an XBox in the  playroom and somehow convinced Dylan to let him play Tony Hawk. This kid is incredible! I had no idea he'd be able to pick up on it as quickly as he did; I mean, he has a few video games but he's never even seen Tony Hawk before...

Then there was the piñata. Most of you would like to believe it never rains in California.  It does. Then it floods. No joke. Yards flood; streams, creeks and streets flood; rivers, lakes and reservoirs flood; everything floods. We are not a family that's easily discouraged though; no, we will find a way! It's all worth it when it's for the kids anyways, right?

Oh yeah...did I mention he's a fan of the Giants??

The kids had a blast scrambling for candy, of course, and they all got goodies bags filled with a giant pencil, glow sticks and favors, to store their stash in. Phoenix made out like a bandit and came home with about half his body weight in candy. Paxton's getting so big; now he just roams the house following all the big kids, squealing and squawking around his binkie. He was equally fascinated with the balloons Uncle Mike gave him...

It's crazy to watch these kids grow up so fast; pretty soon Dylan will be in middle school, then high school and college and I will always know, Phoenix is right behind him. 

Have fun this year, Dylan. We love you!


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