Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 27 -- Golden Years Challenge

Day 27 --

Today I'm posting the letter my dad wrote to me fourteen years ago today. His handwriting requires training to decipher so instead of scanning it in, I'm typing it out

 Here it is:

"To my daughter Megan:

This birthday, your thirteenth, is very special in that it heralds a major change in your life, the transformation from a girl to a woman.
I am writing this today so that I might tell you that I am very proud of you and that I am satisfied to know you have the moral structure and personal strength to become fine woman.
I realize today more than at any other time in my life what it means to say our children are our future.
Just as it has happened for thousands of years, the world I am passing to you is different from the world that was passed to me. In some ways, the world you are inheriting is a little better than the world I came into, with a few of the wrongs righted. Yet in other ways you will find it the same or worse.

What I must be satisfied with is that you are well prepared to take your place in this world.
I am proud to say I am confident you will be.
When I watch you with little babies and young children, I know you have a kind and gentle soul. When I see you playing softball or soccer, I know you can be appropriately assertive. I see your wit and intelligence and know you are blessed with a brain that others can only wish for.
While I will miss my little girl, I also take a lot of pride in giving you to the world because I know you will be among those who will make it a better place to live.

With love and faith,
Your Father.

I miss you more than I could ever say, Dad but I find so much comfort in this letter. I know you're watching over me and my little family and I hope you still be as proud of me. You've shaped me in so many ways and I appreciate all that you did for me. I'll see you again one day, Old Man, until then, know that I love you forever and ever.


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