Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 21 -- Golden Years Challenge


Well, it doesn't look much like spring out there right now, except there are a few buds on the trees and a few flowers starting to blossom. Spring is awesome and it's one of my favorite seasons. 

Why do I love Spring so much?

Flowers start to bloom and the world has color again. Winter is so grey and depressing, it's a relief to see green and bright colors again. The urgency to plant this year's garden sets in and you can actually give into that desire to go play in the dirt.

With Spring, comes longer days; more sunshine, less rain and the chances to get outside increase dramatically. I'm one of these people that needs sunlight; I get so depressed when it's been gloomy and raining for more than two days (I have no idea how I survived 26 years in Oregon). Maybe I'm solar-powered, I don't know...

Since we really like getting outside, more sun is better. These kids get cabin fever real quick and being able to let them "free-range" for a bit out in nature is a necessity. There's a lot of nature around and we take full advantage of the rivers, parks and bike trails whenever we can. I was actually a little surprised by all that there is to do, close to home and out-of-doors. Folsom Lake and the parks along the American River have to be some of our favorite places to hike or picnic.

Thank you, Spring, for finally showing up.

We've missed you.


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