Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 11 -- Golden Years Challenge

Day 11 -- Life through His eyes...

These are photos my five year old has taken. He started sneaking the camera to snap photos when he was two or three and we were so surprised by his "composition", we stopped attempting to hide it from him.

I love discovering new pictures he's taken; watching him progress as an "artist" and develop a real talent is..beyond words, honestly. He is incredibly imaginative and always seems to find the most unusual
subject matter...

He's a typical boy; he loves bugs (eww). For those of you asking: yes, it is a real beetle (double eww).

'Self discovery' comes in many, many forms....


I had no idea we were this scary! To say we encourage 'individualism' or 'uniqueness' is putting it nicely. I think we come off as just plain weird most of the time.

My favorite ones to find are his self portraits. I don't know if he got this from us and our (by "us and our" I mean, "me and my") obsession with taking pictures from an arms' length away. Sometimes, it's just an eye or a mouth but every now and then there's a gem like this one <3

This is my son. 

I love him. 


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