Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 10 -- Golden Years Challenge

Good times in Portland. I miss this house so much at times. We made millions of memories there (and two babies <3) but eventually outgrew it's tiny two bedrooms.

The backyard was our "family" room;we used it every chance the weather gave us and probably took more pride in it than our actual house. I definitely have more pictures of us outside than I do of us in...

Here's another one, featuring The Beast in the background. I think Phoenix did most of his growing up outside. We could never keep him in and why would we?? Even in the rain and snow, it was a challenge. We joked  "yeah, this kid's definitely an Oregonian..." when he wanted to go out in the rain in his underwear and boots.

They grow so fast...He still weighs about the same, he's just a lot longer these days =) It's crazy to see two little people running around with us now; they have similarities and vast differences and they are both versions of's insane. I know he remembers when it was just "us", pre-Paxton; I just hope he isn't resentful of his littler bother (no, that's not a typo -- 'brothers', big or little, can more accurately be described as 'bothers').

I see little glimpses of the brotherly love a mother hopes to see between her sons but reality is, love is still a vague emotion to a five year old and completely incomprehensible for a 14 month old.


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