Friday, September 25, 2009

♥ My Growing Prego Belly ♥

Here are some recent pics of the growing belly! Lil Paxton Dane should be here in about 99 days, give or take about 10. Tomorrow is the start of week 26, which makes me about 6.5 month along for hose of you who don't speak in weeks LOL

9.12.09 - Riding the new Green line
9.10.09 - Enjoying Cocoa Krispies, the breakfast of pregnant champions!
The belly has definitely been growing fast! I put on fifteen pounds in five weeks...I'm so not worried about it tho, I needed it! I don't plan on slowing down too much either; I just LOVE eating right now! I think Jay will KILL me if I make pasta for dinner one more time but we'll see, I'm not giving that up for anything! More pics to come as I get bigger & bigger; still have 15 weeks to go!


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