Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mini-Vacation LOL

We took a little trip up to Larch Mountain yesterday; it's the highest point between Portland & Mt. Hood & has some killer views (when it's clear). After you get up the 100 or so stairs, anyways...Here's some pics for you to enjoy!!

Lexi & I are in the lead followed by Phoenix & Jeremy. Jay's bringing up the rear, LOL

Here's the view to the north

This is Mt. Hood, to the east!

Me & my baby bump; aren't we just adorable?

Phoenix decided to try mountain climbing...the slate looked too much like steps for him to resist!

He's so cute, flashing the "Peace" sign ♥

Posing for Mom cuz he loves the camera (sometimes)

The climb tuckered us out...but not enought that we didn't find a "4x4" trail on the way out! Leave it to Jay...Posting those pics in the following blog!


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