Saturday, August 1, 2009

We're Pregnant!!

Oh yes, we're pregnant! Baby #2 is due in January & I'm about 18 weeks along which is AWESOME! Almost to the halfway point :) We find out on Monday what we're having & I'm hoping for a girl but I'll be happy with either as long as we're healthy. Two boys would be amazing but we can stop popping out babies if it's a girl, hehehe. I've had insane cravings! Mainly fruits & veggies w/ LOTS of Hidden Valley Ranch but the weirdest I think is Chef Boyardi Ravioli! I swear I haven't eaten this crap since I was in elementary school but for some reason, it seems to work it's way into the shopping cart every time I go to the store...Juice & milk are another huge craving...Milk's gotta be whole milk, it just seems sweeter & creamer. This pregnancy is so much different than Phoenix's; for one thing, I have NO idea what the baby is! With Phoenix, I knew for a fact it was a boy & wasn't shocked at all when we confirmed it at the ultrasound. I won't be shocked if this one's a boy too, since the Murphys seem to be boy producers & Mike kinda ruined our odds when he & Darla had little Sydney Bell.

It seems like we're in a girl surge right now tho so I think I've got that on my side...hopefully. My boobs are bigger now at 18 weeks than they were at my baby shower for Phoenix & my ass & thighs seem to be growing too! All & all, I look damn good! Except for the pregnancy skin, ugh...where I'm not greasy as a Jack-In-The-Box taco, I'm drier than Death Valley in August! Makes for really good times but I'm still feeling damn hot :) I wonder how big my boobs are gonna get tho; I still have half this pregnancy to get thru & I know once my milk comes in, they will at least double in size! I already need to "upgrade" bras as it is! I'm not complaining tho & neither is Jay; after 25 years of being flat as a board it's super nice to actually have cleavage :)

Names for Baby have been really elusive...we have to have something as strong & unique as Phoenix is but not knowing whether it's a boy or a girl makes even thinking about names tricky at best. I know we'll find something good tho; we've got plenty of help for the family (thanks, Tom!) Finally starting to get my energy back but I still find myself taking naps whenever Phoenix goes down for his. It's nice.


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