Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mini-Vacation: The 4x4 Trip...

Of course Jay found a lil series of trails & decided we had to try out the wasn't anything too serious so I said 'What the hell?' Here's the video...WARNING: I dropped the eff bomb! My commentary sucks & this is my first time ever "spotting" so I sucked at that too...oh well, live & learn!

It wasn't until we got back on the road that we realized we weren't totally out of four wheel was a nerve-wracking experience to say the least, with the axles fighting each other as we chug down this narrow two-lane mountain road. Here we are in our only operational vehicle, on top of a mountain with no cell service, trying deserately to get back into two wheel drive...there were some very tense moments! I hopped out for a bit to let Jay mess around without me saying, 'No, not there yet...No, hon, that's not it...' & I had a little talk with Dad about helping us get off the mountain. I know it's probably a little weird or superstitious (not to mention blasphemous to you Believers out there) that I talk to my dead father instead of God when I need help but he's never let me down, ever. Once again, Dad came thru!

After our little chat, which consisted of me saying something along the lines of 'Please, Dad, just let us get off this mountain. She's a good Jeep, just get her back into two wheel for me, please?', Jay picked me up & said 'I got it & I'm not even sure what I did...' I just smiled and said that would be our last time four wheeling until we figured out how to disengage properly & home we went. I truly believe my dad's watching over me, especially when things like this happen; it's like it's his way of staying connected to me since he can't be here physically. I still miss him to death but it helps me to think he's still here, in some way.


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