Monday, December 8, 2008

The Big 3...

Well the day came and went w/o too much fuss but then again it was a Thursday. We made plans to have Phoenix's party on Saturday so people could actually come and socialize for a bit. I had to bust my butt to get the house "presentable" and I just barely passed that "okay" marker...I threw the cake in the oven around 6 and headed to get AJ and Baby Tay so they could join in the festivities. KC and the girls showed up after we got back and it was just us and the four kids for quite some time. I was pretty saddened more people didn't show; it takes me a lot more effort to do these things than it did as a stay-at-home and I really appreciate recognition of said effort. I'm not brooding or holding grudges, mind you, I realize people have lives and no ones world revolves around me I just feel that when you say "Sure! I'd love to be there!", "We wouldn't miss it for the world!", you should actually show up or at least call to explain why you can't.

SW and AM came by a little later (hoping to avoid the kids, I think) and it was a nice treat to see them again. We even had a fireside apperance from Zir! Jay hand "painted" a SpongeBob cake for Phoenix and it turned out pretty decent, pics to come soon. He had a pretty good haul for a "no presents" party; people just love to buy kids shit, I don't get it...We wrapped up the kid portion around 9, 9:30 and I took Tay and AJ home for the night. We hung out around the fire till about 2 then calle dit a night. Easily the latest night I've had in a very long time


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