Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Homemade Valentines

A few days ago, I mentioned having a craft idea for homemade Valentines. I also mentioned if I actually completed said craft, I'd post about it.

Well, here you go!

I actually followed through and it's definitely a craft ANYONE can do and should try. It's easy, fun and almost-mess-free. Here's what you'll need to get started:

Chalk (Sidewalk works great; I found a 15-pack for under $5 at CVS)
A walled dish (cake pan, pie tin; something shallow, with sides)
A butter knife, spoon or other scraping tool

You should have most of this stuff laying around the house but if not, it should all be easy to find and relatively cheap. All I needed was the chalk.

Marbleized Paper

Start out by adding enough water to your pan to cover the bottom. You don't need or want a lot of water because you'll have to change it frequently and you're just skimming the surface, not dipping.

Pick out a few different colors of chalk.

Using your knife or scraping tool, shave the chalk into the pan. You want a fine powdery mist, not chunks. Chunks will sink and go to waste. The chalk should float on the surface of the water.

You can gently stir the surface or just lay a sheet of paper on top.

Wait about 5 seconds then roll the paper off the water, being careful not to submerge it or smudge it.

If you choose not to stir, you'll end up with paper that looks something like this: a kind of spray paint/splatter effect.

If you do stir, you'll get a more "traditional" marble look like this:

Here's a look at the ones I made with this little demonstration. Phoenix and I made about 25 more for his actual Valentines. We still need to decorate them so we'll do that this weekend. I think we'll use crayons to write "Happy Valentine's! from Phoenix" and maybe get some stickers or something.

There are a million possibilities with this craft; in the making and in the use! This would be a great idea for any type of paper project; invitations, greeting or birthday cards, anything really. Hope you enjoyed this little craft idea! I certainly enjoyed doing it.


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