Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Who I Am

I was planning on writing something up today but what I'm writing isn't what I intended to write. When I got on Facebook this morning, one of the first posts I saw was from You Know It Happens At Your House Too so I popped over to her page to get some background on what it was I was reading and why.

I can only call it an exercise in real self-love. Get your minds out of the gutter cuz I'm talking about verbalizing to ourselves WHY we think we are awesome, not the "self-love" your parents tell you will make you go blind.

There aren't really 'rules' to this thing; they're more like guidelines. Write an intro if you want then set a timer for five minutes and write down what you love about yourself. DO NOT PROOF-READ. DO NOT EDIT. This is supposed to be raw and uncut.

I am a young mother, sometimes struggling but mostly thriving.

I am an avid reader, writer and knitter. I think there's an old lady trapped in this youthful looking body...

I am a native Oregonian and I hear Portland calling my name.

I am open-minded and can't stand ignorance or intolerance.

I am a good friend.

I am powerful and confident.

I am beautiful, smart and witty.

I am sarcastic and snarky.

I am a believer in the power of positive thoughts and know that the key to happiness is BEING HAPPY.

I am my father's daughter. I wish he were here to see me and share all this craziness with me.

I am still grieving for him, eight years later.

I am unmarried, in a long-term committed relationship with the father of my two kids.

I am happy I am me.

This is a quick little esteem builder and I encourage anyone reading this to do one for themselves. If you do decide to make one & you'd like to share it, please feel free to post it on Oh Boys FB page.


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