Friday, July 27, 2012

All clear

Today, this very afternoon, we found out from the hearing specialist that Phoenix's hearing is NORMAL.

No fluid.

No conductive hearing loss.

PERFECT readings in both ears.

Check that off the list and now, all we have to do now is play 'catch-up' with his speech. Even with falling to the bottom of his Kindergarten class, he's come so far this last year.

So, so far.

He talks in complete sentences & you can understand most of what he says.

He starts conversations & volunteers answers.

He's got the craziest imagination (are those things hereditary??) and he tells some insane stories.

He still has some struggles to overcome; "Jay" sounds like "Shay" & 'bread' comes out as 'bled'; sometimes sentences grow extra words that don't belong; he still needs a lot of prompting & reminding to complete tasks but I have hope we can get through this part of the process much faster now that we know, beyond a doubt, that he is hearing what we say accurately.

We go back to Sac State for another semester this Fall and a CAPD evaluation was part of the game plan when we had our wrap-up session before summer break. He just finished his extended year program for speech with the school district and he's set to start first grade on August 16.

Holy moly, this has been a long, strange, horrifying trip but I think I'm better for it.

There's still so much more to come before we're done & the whole process now has to be repeated with Paxton. He's eligible for clinics at Sac State as soon as he turns three and I think that might be our starting point for him. His delay isn't as bad as Phoenix's and may be more of a learned behavior than an actual impairment but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Right now, I'm just doing a happy dance.


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