Thursday, January 5, 2012

Just a little vacation...

So I suppose my absence has been noticed. I'm sorry. Things got a little crazy there with the move and we decided we could do without internet for a bit. Then I got a Kindle for Christmas and well, it's useless without wi-fi so I'm back! Not that I wouldn't have eventually come back anyways or didn't miss this ol' blog; I did, I actually missed it. Anyways, I survived. You survived. And now here we are! Together again.

Well, we moved. It was such a bitch. The worst move EVER. I swear to all things holy. It's over though and we're settled. Back on a routine and doing good. I love this new place SO much! We moved in next to another couple, Monica & John, and their 16 month old son, Johnny, and it's been a dream. He works days, she works nights so we're home together with the kids; Paxton & Johnny are BFFs which is beyond awesome. I forgot how nice it is to have a friend handy (man, I miss you guys!); someone to borrow sugar from, or diapers. Someone to watch the kids so I can shower. Ah, it's so nice! Honestly, the only downside to the whole move is the lack of storage. We have boxes stacked in all the closets and on the boys' balcony, tools shoved wherever they'll fit but it's a small price to pay.

There were a couple birthdays in there too, and some holidays. Phoenix is now six, going on 16, and Paxton is two (but thinks he's five, at least). Can I say that I feel like they're growing up too fast without sounding just like my mother? No?? Okay, well I'll say it anyway. THEY ARE GROWING UP TOO FAST!! I just can't believe how quickly they go from baby to mini-adult. I look at Phoenix and I do not see a six year old. I see a teenager. It scares me. I don't want to blink because if I do, I know I'll miss something. And Paxton. Oh. My. God. Paxton. This kid is as much trouble as two. Not only is he a BIG kid, built like a brick house, but he has a temper and is stubborn as a mule. The last few months, his little personality has just "blossomed". And he's decided that Phoenix is the greatest thing that's ever walked, of course. Until he has a toy Paxton wants then it's WW III. Phoenix is back in school full days!! That's a huge plus and a gigantic boost for me. He loves it and only has a few problems every now and then. 

Our big plans for this year were put on hold for another year or so in place of a new big plan. This year is all about fixing the credit and getting a chunk of land, with or without a house on it. The wedding can wait; I mean, really? Do we need to rush it? I'd rather do it when the time is right and all the pieces just sort of fall into place. We really don't have a lot in the way of debt, it's just that what we do have has killed our credit. Since Jay's self-employed, the business has to be at least two years old before we qualify for a loan. As backwards as it may seem, it feels like we're doing things in the right order. Right for us, at least. 

I really can't believe another year is gone. Jay & I have birthdays lurking around the corner and an anniversary and I'll admit I feel every one of my 28 years, plus 10 or 15 more. The years seem to go so much faster, the older the kids get. Like we're so busy now, we just don't realize how much time has passed, how quickly time goes by. The days blend together; the seasons seem to seep into each other, so you barely notice the change until one day you realize the greens are now reds and browns. Once Halloween rolls around, it's a blur of holidays and birthdays for me. Every year, I feel a little bit luckier I survived and I doubt it will ever be "easy". 

But we made it! It's a New Year. 2012. It's probably the same every year but this feels like it could be a year full of crazy action and big events. I'm just gonna stay positive and keep thinking good thoughts; whatever happens will happen. Happy New Year, friends. I hope it brings joy and happiness to you!


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