Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Place for Lexi

I've always had dogs in my home growing up. At least one and the most ever was three. That may not seem like a big number but with larger breeds, even a little number like three can equal a lot of dog.
I'm allergic to cats and harbored a deep fear of them for years so it's always seemed natural to be a "dog person". I've gotten over my fear of cats and I'm actually quite fond of them. 
Mr. Clean's cat, Knowledge, helped me realize what wonderful creatures cats are and how incredibly unique they each are. He eventually got me a kitten of my own and I can say with all honesty I'm equal parts "cat person" and "dog person".
With two cats in the house, a four year old and a baby on the way, we decided (for reasons beyond my understanding now) to get a puppy. Mr. Clean was a repo man in our previous life and was collecting a payment when he got suckered into buying a Chihuahua. Yes, a Chihuahua. Mr. Clean and a Chihuahua!? 

The funniest thing you've ever seen.

He loves this silly little dog more than I could have guessed. She sleeps on him, waits for him by the windows or doors and literally attacks anyone and everyone who dares to come close to him (or the kids or me, when it's just us girls).
She sleeps in our bed at night but during the day she's either lap-hopping, which can become really annoying, really quickly, or she's looking miserable, curled into the tiniest little ball, shivering on the corner of a couch. I've made her sweaters but she looks so sad when you make her wear them!. I know she has to be warmer in them, I just can't help feeling like it's abuse...
So like the resourceful little knitter I am, I went to and searched through the "Pet" patterns to see what I could find. Here it is! It's the Pet Snuggler byVicki Mikulak and while yes, it's designed with a cat in mind, I know it'll work fine for little Lexi. It's a bed she can curl up in and keep toasty! I obviously didn't fully think through the idea on making it rectangular; it's a bit more difficult to knit-in-the-round...The pattern calls for three strands of worsted weight acrylic; it's a lot of yarn for a "scrap" project unless you have a lot of acrylic but $6 isn't a lot to invest in something for a pet.

It took me a few nights to get the base done but I'm finally on to building up the walls. This is what it looks like so far: 
 Not very impressive, I realize but I still have five inches of wall to "build" so bear with me. I know Lexi's a fan since she already snuggles on it whenever she gets the chance.

I think with a little blankie, it could a be a great little spot for her...if she uses it!


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