Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 4 -- Golden Years Challenge

My dad took me to these little parking lot pony rides all the time; there were a lot of them around Portland back in the late 80's/early 90's and I'm like, 2 or 3 here so I can't be sure I remember this actual day...
The shirt , however, I remember with absolute clarity. It had animals paired up with little hearts over each pair all Noah's Ark-like and I loved it so much. 

I wish I still had it!

This Polaroid, I knew, was from my dad; mainly because he was the only one that used a Polaroid (and Slurpees were a tradition on our weekends together).

I took my teddy bear Smiley with me everywhere; he was my security blanket in bear-form and I still have him (minus an eye and his bow-tie). 

What surprised me was finding the little note in my dad's handwriting on the back; he wanted to remember this day, where we were, what we did and when. To me, that's special.

Going back a bit now...

I'm not sure 'when' this is but I think I'm  about to arrive or just have, judging by my dad's appearance. 

A few things pop into my head with this picture: this was the very first house I came home to and the very first dog I ever bonded with (and my dad had good taste in beer LOL).
I remember Dad picking me up from school in 5th grade when we had to put her to sleep. 

He cried all the way home.

I mentioned Nicole in my Day 2 post but she wasn't in the actual picture. 

Well here you go. She's the little blonde one on the right. We have to be six or seven in this picture and no, I am not wearing a wig...

She was the first co-conspirator I had and my first slumber party was at her house. We grew up together and had so many adventures; I didn't realize I would lose that when I moved away the summer after 4th grade.


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