Tuesday, February 22, 2011

You are what you eat...

...and I've had a habit of eating like crap! I'm part of the first few generations raised on processed, prepackaged foods and  I'm seeing how that upbringing has effect my eating habits (and now the eating habits of my kids). Don't get me wrong, my mom cooked dinner and made breakfast on the weekends but I was never 'taught' to cook for myself and so I relied on whatever was handy, easy to make and fast.  

Fast forward to today and I'm having the revelation that I need to improve my diet. After all, I'm not feeding just myself anymore; I'm teaching my boys the habits they'll have for life and I know now, how important this is. Food is how we fuel our bodies and when we fuel up on cheap-o, "unleaded" garbage, we don't perform to the best of our abilities like we would if we were being fueled with high-octane jet fuel.

Out goes the refined sugars, HFCS, preservatives, artificial colors & flavors, hydrogenated oils...in comes the whole grains, organic fruits & veggies, protein boosters and vitamins. I find this whole transition highly ironic since I've spent my entire life in Portland, a city bulging with health food nuts, fixie fanatics, vegans and I-only-wear-hemp hippies and never once felt the urge to hop on the bandwagon heading to New Seasons. Sure, I've been inside one, made the occasional purchase but I did most of our shopping at the chain grocery store, close to my house. 

Here in California, I find myself driving that few extra miles to the Trader Joe's because I know I can buy anything in there and it's going to be better for all of us than anything I could find (without driving myself insane) at The-Store-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named. The coolest thing is finding new foods that are so awesome you don't understand how you lived without them. Like quinoa! It's the Supergrain and for good reason; it's awesome! I've also discovered the glorious parsnip; a giant white, carrot-like root that is amazing in stews and I've decided brown rice is WAY better than white! I just love how chewy it is...

You don't have to sacrifice taste to be healthy; good-for-you food can taste good too! I think better in a lot of ways...I was raised on canned veggies for the most part so I've had to "re-train" my taste buds to accept fresh veggies as palatable but I realize that "green" flavor in fresh or frozen veggies is the way veggies are supposed to taste! I want the boys to prefer that "green" flavor over canned veggies; I want them to pick real fruit over fruit snacks or candy (most of the time); I want them to enjoy eating healthy. 

It's only been a few weeks but I've already noticed a difference in how I feel and Mr. Clean has even said he feels better. Which leads me to ask: Do you do "organic"? What do you stock your fridge and shelves with? Is there anything you absolutely can't live without? I'll post my good food finds as I find them & the ones that fail epically too..   


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