Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Best of Friends

Everyone has friends. People we share our lives with, our hopes & fears, our dreams. Every now & then though, we're blessed to meet someone who's more than a friend; someone who's a kindred spirit, a piece of yourself you didn't realize you were missing until you found them. 

That's my Ester.  Since meeting her a few years ago, I've found the joy of friendship without limits or expectations. She accepts me fully and I, her. We share common interests like knitting, blogging, music, cats...and while we don't agree on everything, that's okay. Because I know she will never compromise herself or her beliefs to please me or make me happy. 

Since I moved away, I've felt the physical loss of her keenly. We still chat on the regular via social media and text messages but not being able to escape to her house whenever I feel trapped by the Things' & Mr. Clean has been a strain. She's always been there to help me through hard times and to celebrate the good times.

So you can imagine the pure joy that I'm feeling after learning she's planning a visit! It's beyond excitement. I cannot wait to see her face and hug her. Instead of spending a week alone while her BF is away for work, she's going to drive down & spend a few days with me; she'll be the first friend to come visit and meet the Family and I can't wait to show her around.

Even if we just sit in the house, knitting all day, it'll be an awesome, wicked-good time <3


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