Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Goodbyes SUCK

Mindy came into town last Friday and spent a few days with us. It was super nice to see her and she had so much fuh with Phoenix...We had a lot of time together, hanging out, took Phoenix for an infinite number of Happy Meals and Icees and Grandma had to buy him new shoes. Jay couldn't get much time off but I know he enjoyed having her around. The house doesn't feel the same now that she's gone...too empty, too quiet and I think it's lost a lil bit of that home-y feeling...having Grandma around just make things so much better! She cried as soon as we got to the airport and I wasn't far behind...It was a tearful drive home...I'm hoping Jay can take some time later in the summer and we can fly down to visit for a week or so. It's hard going for so long w/o seeing them and with such short visits


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