Tuesday, January 27, 2009


YAY!!! Jay and I are having our first Date Night in what seems like forever!! I guess I should clarify that we were kid-free on New Year's Eve but didn't have the energy or money to go out. That being said, I'm so excited for tonight!! I won tickets to the Adele show here in town and I'm totally stoked to go see her. We weren't sure things would work out; Jay usually works till 8 on Tuesday and he just got a promotion, which means more hours, of course! But in the end, everything worked out! He's off at 6 and by that time, I'll be home w Phoenix, Mom will be there to watch him and I'll be free to get all dolled up :) Night's like this are so important in a long term relationship but I forgot HOW important sometimes...maybe it's a sign we need to do this more often! And it's offical! We are trying to get pregnant again! but that's really for another post ;)


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