Friday, December 5, 2008

This isn't just any old show, mind you, this is fucking NIN!!!
A LEGEND in the rock world!!
I can barely contain myself...the excitement is unbearable...I thought for sure tix would be sold out but alas, the rock gods smiled upon my virginal head and blessed me. I opened my email this morning to see an annoucement that not only were tix still AVAILABLE, THEY WERE ON SALE!! $20 a pop!! OMFG!!
I knew I had to act and fast!! Rent just got paid and I don't see another check till the 12th so I did what I do best; I called Mom.
"Mom, can I borrow, like, $70 till next Friday?? I swear, I'll pay you back..."
"Sure, hon. What's going on?"
"NIN is in town on Sunday and I can get tix for $20 each!!"
Yeah, so my mom's not that "with it" but at least she's cool enough to lend me the money...and offer to babysit too! The concert doesn't start till 8 so I know it's going ot be a LONG night but I'm positive it will be totally worth it!
I have yet to tell Jay, who is the REAL reason for getting said tix; I doubt I would enjoy it as much w/o him there and I know he'll be almost as excited to take me as he is to go to the concert himself. The last four years w/ him have been filled with tales of traveling all night to S.F for a TOOL show or frying balls while driving back from an all night show in some warehouse and now I FINALLY get to be a part of one of those stories.
*Edited to show that TOOL, Ministry and Skinny Puppy aren't actually going to be there...fucking bummer!*


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