Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas is offically here!

I think I can safely say, I'm DONE with my Christmas shopping!! Jay and I got a a dance cam and The My First Computer system from LeapFrog for Phoenix and I got Jay some new slippers, CD's and a photo album. Mom got a lil snowman votive holder and CD's too...I think I need to get her something else too, like a heating pad or a bath set or something....IDK...but I found this "chest" to put everything in! It's fake alligator skin in red and I think she'll love it.
I feel really proud to get all my shopping done before Christmas Eve!! Dad taught me to be a last minute shopper and it's been a very hard habit to break! Christmas just seems to creep up and POUNCE! on me, year after year.
This is the first Christams we've had that we weren't totally broke too so it was even funner shopping, knowing we could actually afford to get the gifts we wanted to. Now money might not buy Happiness, but it sure does buy peace of mind, a little breathing room and some wicked bad presents, which makes me very happy.


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