Monday, April 29, 2013

MHO Monday Mingle #12 -- Pregnancy!

Starting my week off with a post to keep the blogging mojo flowing and I can't think of a topic more suited to me right now than this week's Monday Mingle from Mothers Helping Others: PREGNANCY. Being in the middle of my third, quite literally, I feel obligated to participate and offer up my two sense on the joys and perils of pregnancy.

This week's theme: Pregnancy

1.  Have you ever been pregnant? If so, do enjoy being pregnant?

I have been pregnant twice and am currently in the middle of my third (possibly my last). Daddy Jay is one of three boys and guess what? All three of mine are boys. Yeah. Go figure...

2.  Do you wish to be pregnant?

Well, I AM pregnant and Yes, I did want to be but there are drawbacks. We knew we wanted to try for more and while we tried for a girl to kind of round things out, there is a bliss to be found in having all boys. It's definitely had some unexpected "side effects", though, and caused some issues that leave me wondering 'What the Hell is wrong with people?'. There's a 'dark side' to this whole pregnancy thing that I'm encountering for the first time & I'm finding that it's something no one really talks about it or the shit it can stir up. Like jealousy. That's something I never dealt with during my other pregnancies and IT SUCKS. 

3. What do you think is the worst part of pregnancy?

Giving up my body to a parasite. I'm one of those unlucky ones that deals with morning sickness constantly because of low blood sugar. Since this is my third pregnancy and because I'm thin, I'm already aching and sore. My feet swell. I have heartburn and a back ache that never goes away. My belly is already HUGE and there's still a whole trimester to get through.

4. What is the best part of pregnancy?

Sure feeling the baby move around in there is pretty cool and incredibly surreal but my favorite thing about being pregnant are the BOOBS. Before this pregnancy, I was rocking an A cup on a GOOD DAY but thanks to baby, I've jumped up to a C already. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's no Pamela Anderson status but for me, it feels great to actually HAVE boobs. 

5. What advice would you give those who have never been pregnant? If you haven't been pregnant what question would you ask for those who have been pregnant?

Do not expect it to be perfect. Enjoy the bright and shining moments and try to get through the trouble spots quickly. Pregnancy is a very temporary condition but it's one that has a profound impact on you. If you have a "bad" pregnancy, it haunts you; if you can make your pregnancy as pleasant as possible, you'll probably forget most of the nasty stuff and pretty soon, you'll find yourself wanting to do it all over again!


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