Monday, December 10, 2012

Five Christmas Wishes

Logging on this morning, one of the first things I saw this morning was a post from my SIL saying she'd tagged me in a post. You might not know it but my SIL has recently started her own blog and FB page, Mom's World. The post is called Five Christmas Wishes and the rules are so incredibly simple. List five Christmas Wishes then tag five other bloggers to do the same.

I'm gonna list my five Christmas wishes backwards, countdown-style, ending with #1 my BIGGEST Christmas wish. This is all fairly simple, real-life shit I want and I'm hoping I get at least a few of them.

#5 -- A relaxed, stress-free, mess-free Christmas morning. I know this one is a long shot. I have two kids, two boys, and any holiday or life event that involves presents is almost guaranteed to be at least stressful or messy. One of the two, if not both, simultaneously. 

#4 -- Target gift cards. Normally, I hate gift cards. It just screams "I HAD NO IDEA WHAT TO GET YOU AND I DIDN'T WANT TO THINK ABOUT IT ANYMORE SO HERE'S $20!!!!". This year, though, I have had a change of heart. Why?? Because gift cards spend like cash and can be used in place of cash. Meaning, I don't have to spend cash on things I normally would need to spend cash on; things like soap, toilet paper, diapers are essential, and sometimes costly, so STOP THINKING ABOUT IT AND JUST GET ME $20. Thanks, in advance.

#3 -- Yarn. Let me be specific here and if you don't want specifics, go with #4. I'm asking for superwash wools; nice acrylics like these ones from; anything washable, dye-able, in any weight or anything you see here. Honestly, if anything in a KnitPicks box showed up, I would probably kiss my mailman but especially these ones listed here.

#2 -- A pre-Christmas Date Night with Jay. One of the few perks to owning your own business is the age-old Christmas bonus. Scrooge even gave them out, even as miserly as he was. This year, one of our regulars included a pair of tickets to the Sacramento Kings game on December 23 & the really awesome part is they are playing PORTLAND! I'd get to see my Blazers, here in Sacramento, and possibly get us both beat the Hell up because I totally plan on wearing one of Phoenix's jersey. Yup. I totally am. Now, we just need to secure a sitter for the night...

#1 -- A new cell phone. I know. I could have thought of something better. You've never seen my cell phone. You don't have to be seen with it. It would be all that bad if it actually worked. It's a Blackberry and it was AWESOME when we first got them. You see how I said "them" there? That's because we both had one and Jay has already replaced his. More than a year ago. Mine? It's been dunked in o.j. and coffee; it's been dropped, thrown, drooled on and chewed on. It receives calls, yes. I can send messages and even update my status on Facebook. That's about all. The scrolly ball chooses when it works and on what page. I can't modify contacts or ringtones. I can't set my alarm or see any of the pictures on my memory. The camera doesn't work either and I'm paying $10 more a month because it needs a BLACKBERRY PLAN. This doesn't seem very "smart" to me.

So there you go: My Five Christmas Wishes. If you see your name below -- TAG, YOU ARE IT. Post a blog about your Five Christmas Wishes, be they silly or serious, real or wishful. Let me know when you do so I can go back and see what you're asking Santa for. If you haven't checked these blogs out, now is the perfect time to do it!

DeBie Hive -- Kelly is awesome and kind of like an adopted big sister. She blogs from the heart and tells it like she sees it. I love her honesty and willingness to share. Tag, Kelly. You're it.

Slice of Humble -- Humble is awesome. She's like another adopted sister, only she doesn't know it. She's one of the big dogs on Facebook and in the blog world  & rightfully so. She's snarky and off-the-cuff and I want to be just like her. Tag, Humble, you are it.

Grass Oil -- Molly at Grass oil is super cool. She gave me some of the first advice for my FB page, ever and  I've loved her blog ever since. I love her outlook and tendency to spin things to the positive and her posts usually make me smile. Tag, Molly. You are it.

A.D.D. Music Mamma -- If you like music, you will love Cyn and all the music is is constantly feeding to you on Facebook. She also has an insanely great blog and right now, she's doing a series called "Getting Better". I encourage everyone to go read it. You can share your own too, if you feel so inclined.

 Last but not least is a very recent find that I just had to add

Glitter and Laughter -- I just recently found Jen's Facebook page, which lead me to her blog and while I haven't gotten far into it, I love what I've read do far. She is hilarious! If you're not in danger of peeing your pants after a post or two, you need a new sense of humor.


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