Friday, November 16, 2012

The Tooth Fairy FAILS

You might remember seeing something on the Facebook page about Phoenix losing his first tooth a couple weeks ago. It was a huge day in our house as this was the first tooth EVER to find its way under a pillow and into the hands of the Tooth Fairy. Except, things didn't quite go quite as planned....

When I was a kid, I remember waking up after losing a tooth and excitedly flipping over my pillow, looking for the quarters, or dollar, if it was molar. Now, as a mom, I realize the straight-up ninja skills my mom must have utilized to get that tooth out and put that quarter or dollar in its place and I will admit here, to you guys ONLY, that I totally, completely and utterly FAILED my first time as the Tooth Fairy.

No, I didn't wake him up in the exchange.

No, I didn't lose the lost tooth.

No, I didn't leave him something lame like a penny or a toothbrush.


In my own defense, if you come to our house anytime after dark, be it five minutes after sundown or 9:45 at night, chances are pretty good I will look like a member of the Living Dead and could very well be passed out on the couch. Honestly though, is there really any excuse for a blunder THIS BIG??

I covered it up really well when he came in to tell me the Tooth Fairy forgot about him, running down to the cupboard and snatching up the $2 bill I had saved for his first lost tooth. I found the little bag we'd put his tooth in still under his pillow and quickly shoved the bill in there, while taking the tooth out. I handed him the bag as I jumped back into my bed and told him to look again, maybe his money had been "hiding".

He wasn't impressed.

He was excited about his two dollars, though & thankfully, doesn't have any other loose teeth. The Tooth Fairy needs a break and a chance to regroup; another mess up like this and she is done for.


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