Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The secret I just can't keep

I recently got asked to participate in something AH-MAZING and while the title of this post implies I'm going to tell you all the lovely little details, I'm not; I'm going to give you just a little tidbit and make you wait for the rest.

A couple days ago, FB Messenger popped up and I was scolded by Kelly at DeBie Hive for not being more accessible. You see, my personal profile on FB is set to reject any messages originating from people outside of my friends. Not always the best privacy setting to have active when moderating a page and attempting to be more "open".

After the scolding was over (it was really more like "Fix your settings!" but this is where I take a little 'creative license') and the privacy setting had been updated to allow any old user to message me, I sent out an I-heard-you-were-trying-to-reach-me message.

I quickly got a response and a call to action.

In this blogging world, you either make it or you don't and part of making it means making friends. We support each other and sometimes, because we're almost exclusively connected via the intrawebs, we band together to DO SOMETHING REAL for one another. Being asked to participate in something for another blogger is awesome. It's not a guest post or anything bloggy though; it's a physical, real-life, you-can-hold-in-your-hands thing and I will be a part of making it.

Many of you may not know this but I gotz mad skillz.

Mad knitting skillz.

You may not think knitting requires skill but I'll fix that piece of misinformation for you. Knitting takes insane skills, some of which are math-based and therefore NOT my strongest. It's creative and challenging and consuming. I can do it just about any time, any place; I can knit while watching t.v. or having a conversation. I've knit hats, shawls, shrugs, sweaters, mitts and animals and no one can escape getting something I've knitted.

While I can't say what or who quite yet, I am so honored to be doing it I had to say something or risk exploding from keeping all this awesomeness bottled up. I'm already speeding through and I'm sure I'll be ready to ship out next week. It's only put a tiny dent in my holiday knitting time and it's worth the lost time to be able to say "I was a part of that."

I can't wait to see what it looks like in the end!!


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