Monday, April 2, 2012


This is it. I'm all caught up! I'm up-to-date and current as of this post. This post right here. Which happens to be Car. Ugh. I'd like to use a shot form the move down here but it's almost three years old now & I'm crying in it. I've been cutting corners to catch up and honestly, I can't seem to let myself slide on this one. I really should too because this picture isn't going to be pretty. I try to keep my car clean BUT I have two kids who use it as a mobile toy box/lunch box/garbage can and let's be honest, where else am I suppose to throw all my gas receipts? I don't want to admit the disgusting state of my Jeep accurately reflects me (and my current state of mind) but, in a way, it does. So before I go sweeping my imperfections under the rug, here's a revealing glimpse at my "dirty" side.

After -- still need to vacuum


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