Wednesday, April 11, 2012

An animal

I suppose I could post a picture of one of the boys here and not get too much flack for it but I can't do it. They are wild. They do act like animals. Often and very, very loudly. But we have actual, real-life animals in our house and I rarely ever feature them on here. Or even talk about them. Now, I know it says "AN animal"; I don't care. We have two & I'd feel way more guilty than you'd think if I left one of them out. Jay brought Knowledge with him when we started dating. He's a cat. Specifically a Maine Coon. He's ten this years, spends as much time outside as he can (meowing at the neighbors' doors, sitting on their cars etc.) and sometimes brings home those famous cat "presents". Three years ago this month, we got Lexi the Chihuahua. She shakes, she bolts out the door to chase cats, she pees when she gets excited. Yup. She's a Chihuahua. 




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