Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 2 -- Golden Years Challenge

Day 2 -- 

My very first "best friend", Alicia. We were literally twins <3 She was my dad's roommate/best friend's daughter and we were just months apart in age. The last time I saw her, I was eight and bailed on a slumber party =/ yay for childhood anxiety!

My first boy/girl birthday party; most of you are still on my Friends list! Left to Right: Kyle Lorraine, Trask Colby, me, Heidi Braunstein, Haden Kujawa. David Hang & Cynthia Douglas were there too. (in case any of you happen to read this) Haden, didn't you get me a Janet Jackson tape?? LMAO My friend Nicole (not pictured) and I were really into ghosts and decided to have a séance to contact Abraham Lincoln. We were really into when we heard a "ghost" and stampeded upstairs to a room full of laughing adults. The "ghost" was my dad howling (best word I can use) into the cold air return...yeah, that's my dad.  

Campfire Girls --  "Make new friends but keep the old; One's like silver & the other's gold!" =)  It's like Girls Scouts, only more exclusive  LOL This was in the back of Jen Bishop's house, some sort of Awards Ceremony I think. I know Danielle will remember this!  

Kristina! Another BFF; I remember booby-trapping her brother's room with Barbie shoes and Legos, using sleeping bags for slip-n-slides in her living room and her obsession with Mariah Carey...This picture was taking in front of the house I grew up in (also featured in photo #2); we moved before I was too old to have a distaste for being at home so this is the last house I can say I loved being in.


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