Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 18 -- Golden Years Challenge

Day 18 -- 

These are my fears:

The Dark -- 
This is one of those silly, you-should-grow-out-of-it fears but I never have. I've always had an active imagination and I'm more than capable of convincing myself  zombies are stalking me, sniffing out my delicious brains. Even cats used to scare me, walking home from a friend's house as a teenager. I love camping -- until it gets dark. Then I want a really, really big fire and lots of flashlights with brand new batteries. I'm so glad I live in modern times, when our cities glow at night...

-- Outer Space 
Call me crazy but I have absolutely NO desire to travel to the moon or Mars. The idea of flying in an airplane is almost more than I can handle; I can't even contemplate going to space without panicking. What if you run out of fuel? Or food?? There's so much that could go wrong and you'd be left floating out there forever. No thank you. I'm happy right here on this tiny little 

Death --
A pretty common one, I think. I'm not scared of dying as much as what I'll miss once I'm gone. I don't want to leave before I've seen the boys grow up and have kids of their own. That's what scary to me. I've lived the tragedy of losing a parent before their time and I don't want my boys to know what that's like. I know it'll happen eventually; I just hope it'll be a long time in the future.

-- Marriage
This one may be a bit of a surprise. Marriage is just such a weird concept to me, personally. I suppose one day, we'll do the deed but we're not in any hurry. What if I decide I just can't stand him anymore? What if you decides he can't stand me?? As it stands now, we have most everything you think of when you think of a marriage:  we're committed to each other for life; we share everything & make decisions together; we have two kids, a cat, a dog and now, two chickens. Maybe it's the finality of marriage that's scary to me, I dunno. I know for a fact getting married won't change us or our relationship (we'll still have the same faults and pet peeves) and I can't imagine it will magically make us better parents. 


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