Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 17 -- Golden Years Challenge

Day 17 -- 

So far, I've talked about what I have, what I love and what I hate; I haven't talked about what I want. We all have a "wish list"; that list of items you wish you had but can't afford, store or legally own.

Here's mine:

1) a tablet. I can't decide on which one but I know I want one. We could use a second computer and they're so much smaller, easier to travel with than a laptop.

2) a spinning wheel. We're stepping away from technology for this one but if you've read my blog long, you know I'm a knitter. Spinning seems to be a natural extension of knitting since I could keep myself stocked with yarn if I just knew how to make it! 

3) a few Pygoras. If I can wish for a spinning wheel, I might as well wish for some goats too. They're cute little guys and their fleece makes amazingly luxurious yarn so with a few of them running around, I could be sheering, combing, spinning and knitting for life!

4) an e-reader. Back in the 21st century (there's no rhyme, reason or order to this list, if you were wondering).  I suppose I could get books on my tablet but then it wouldn't be a second computer. I'm ashamed to admit I really haven't read since we moved and it's been almost a year. It's almost painful when I think about it...

5) shoes. Lots & lots & LOTS of shoes. I love them. I don't have enough of them. No, really. I don't. I'm sure there is an "enough" out there but there's definitely not a "too many". If I could, I'd wear heels everywhere, with everything (its seriously bordering on a compulsion); I'd buy shoes and build an outfit around them, the crazier the shoe, the more I'll probably like it; I'd have a walk-in shoe closet the size of the boys' room. Do I sound crazy yet??

6) a new car. Let's face the facts. My almost-fourteen-year-old Jeep has well over 200k on it; it's a tight squeeze with the four of us and the boys are only going to get bigger; it would be really, really nice to have a Hybrid.  And I suppose if it were a Lexus, I'd be okay with that too.

7) a mortgage. Most people would say 'a house' or 'a home' but I have that; what I don't have is ownership of said house or home. Renting has its perks but we're getting older now and we've never been the kind of people that move every time the lease comes up; we tend to re-sign and stay put as long as possible so buying a home seems like the smart thing to do.  A 3-4 bedroom fixer with a little bit of land or just a really big yard would be so awesome...

8) boobs. There. I said it. I WANT BOOBS! I've never been "well endowed" but I was at least a (small) B cup before kids. Now, I'm lucky if I fill an A. It's depressing to think about how gorgeous they were when I was pregnant this last time...that's what I want, permanently. Do I really have to be pregnant to have great boobs? Unless I want to go saline or silicone, I guess so...

I don't want boobs for any reason besides I want them; it's not because I think they'll make me prettier or more attractive; I don't want the "extra attention"; I don't hate my body. I just know what I look like with them and I'm pretty sure that's what I was suppose to have. There must have been a mix up somewhere. I'm sure there's a short, 85 lbs lady out there rocking my C cup while I'm stuck with her -A. My boobs are great for the size they are and beyond awesome when you consider they've survived two pregnancies and breastfeeding. They are lopsided or too uneven. Overall, I'm pretty happy with them. I just wish they were bigger.

9) everything M.A.C.. Dead serious. The entire make up line, the brushes, the skin care line, all the kits and collections. EVERYTHING. Add some private make up lessons to that too. I love the feel of M.A.C., the intensity of their shadows and blushes...I can't justify buying M.A.C. anymore but if I could afford to, I wouldn't buy anything else. I want a dressing room (off my shoe closet) with an over-sized vanity, lots of mirrors and an entire M.A.C. store inside, complete a couple of M.A.C. girls to cater to my make up needs. If we're dreaming here, why not dream big?

10) money. This may seem to contradict my distaste for materialism but I don't want money just so I can buy all this crap and more. I want money for peace of mind. I want the knowledge I will always be able to pay the bills, keep the utilities on, buy gas and groceries. I want enough for me and mine and enough to help out the other guy too. See? I'm not totally selfish; I'd share and spread the wealth around. If you have the opportunity to give to others, you should. It's what Jesus would do -- that's what I say to all of you who claim to follow 'His word'. For the rest of us, it's just what good people do. 


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