Friday, February 4, 2011


Cleaning and organizing has always been an enigma to me; I want badly to be clean & organized, it's just so much work to get there! Well, enough is enough...I told you about my ambitous goal of getting the closets, cupboards and garage cleaned out and organized and I'm proud to report: I'm nearing the finish line!

Since we're living an internet-free life, obviously not by choice, my blogging may be sporadic and I had to take the time to update on my progress. The garage has been cleaned out and all the garage/donations are seperated and waiting their final destinations. The pantry is clean and well-organized (I say "well" because there are still empty shelves!) and the kitchen cupbaords even got reordered. Our closet was pretty easy and all that leaves is the Things' closet and the linen closet!

All our good-but-no-longer-needed items are on Craig's List, awaiting new homes and cluttering up my family room. Yeah, you read that right. It's not going to last long, trust me. Now that I've gotten everything washed and photographed, I'm moving it back out to the garage. It can wait for new owners out there. It feels good to follow through with something that, in the beginning, seemed so LARGE.

Another one for the Win column.


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